Tour The Facilities


UNIVERSITY BUILDINGAdministrative Building

As a student, you will first arrive at GOMACO University on Sunday evening for a welcome reception. If you are attending classes in the GOMACO University administrative building, you will report to this same building the next morning. If you are attending classes at the Paving Center, you will be located one block to the west.

In the administrative building, you will find the offices, a classroom, shop area, and the cafeteria.













The modern GOMACO University classroom in the administration building, which was remodeled once again for the 1998 class session, is designed with six elevated rows. Each row can hold up to 8 people, for a total of 48 students. At the rear of the classroom is a state-of-the-art projection system, completely capable of handling computerized, as well as traditional slide presentations. Classes held at the administrative building focus on the GOMACO curb and gutter line.












TROUBLESHOOTINGShop Area For Hands-On Training

Students at GOMACO University spend half of their time in the shops for lessons in diagnostics. On specially designed trainers, students familiarize themselves with the location of components and the operation of controls. They are shown how to set pressures, calibrate slope sensors and adjust steering systems. After students familiarize themselves with the controls and maintenance procedures, the instructors will disable the machine and the students must diagnose the problem and make corrections.












MR G'SMr. G's Speakeasy

After graduation on Thursday evening, students are given the chance to wind-down at Mr. G's 1920s speak-easy, which is located on the second floor of the administrative building. GOMACO personnel and instructors remain on hand for socializing and answering any lingering classroom questions. The club hours also give students the chance to meet some of the people behind the scenes in the production of GOMACO's product line.












GODBERSEN'S CLASSICSGodbersen's Classics

Your week at GOMACO University also includes a visit to the Godbersen's Classics car museum. It displays a wide array of antique automobiles and wooden boats. It is open for viewing by GOMACO University students during the Wednesday lunch break.












GOMACO University Paving Center

To meet the demands of increasing enrollment, the GOMACO University Paving Center was constructed and ready for the 2001 class season. The state-of-the-art classroom holds 44 students, and the training bay is equipped with a training simulator. Classes at the Paving Center focus on mainline paving, GT-3200, trimmers and the Commander II curb and gutter machine. The Paving Center is located one short block from the Administrative GOMACO University building, so students can walk back and forth between the buildings for meals and other activities.