IDBI Applications


A GOMACO GHP-2800 with IDBI and two paver-mounted GSI® units slipforms Highway 67 with a Topcon 3D guidance system between Cash and Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.




The IDBI on this GP-4000 inserts 40 bars, 9.8 in. (250 mm) apart, across the width of the paving pass on this project in the Czech Republic.

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This four-track GHP-2800 with IDBI is paving 24 feet (7.3 m) wide, 11.5 inches (292 mm) thick, on U.S. Route 24 in Ohio. The IDBI is inserting 24 bars every 15 feet (4.6 m) on-the-go for the transverse joints.

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The IDBI features a tamper bar, unique oscillating straightedge, paving pan and stainless.





This GHP-2800 with IDBI is slipforming a highway in Michigan.





GOMACO's IDBI is the industry's most productive, accurate and compact system for the automatic insertion of dowel bars across a finished concrete slab.




Highway 81, a two-lane highway connecting Nebraska and Kansas, was slipformed with a GHP-2800 with IDBI. The 36 miles (58 km) of roadway was 29.5 foot (9 m) wide and 10 inches (254 mm) thick.

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A new generation of computers brought across changes to the system. GOMACO's IDBI has operator-friendly, and patented programming that gives the operator quick and easy control of the entire operation.




This GP-2800 with IDBI is paving 24 feet (7.3 m) wide. The IDBI inserts 24 bars every 14.8 feet (4.5 m) for the transverse joint.

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Vibration is applied to the forks on insertion to consolidate and close the concrete around the inserted bars. The paver never stops during the insertion process.




Presetting and adjusting joint spacing for IDBI activation is easy to understand and simple to program. Bar inserters for longitudinal joints can be programmed and controlled through this same system.




GOMACO's exclusive computer-controlled, smart-cylinder technology provides the state-of-the-art system to maintain the accountability of the depths of the bars upon insertion into the slab.




GOMACO's IDBI is the shortest in the industry from track-to-track and the only one available for a two-track paver. This provides consistent grade and slab depth while mowing through vertical curves and makes it the easiest in the world to set up and transport.

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A smooth GOMACO finish and rideability can be obtained with the IDBI.





Above is a side view of the IDBI operating on a two-track GP-4000.










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