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GOMACO's IDBI Dowel Bar Inserter is the industry's most productive and compact system for the automatic insertion of dowel bars across a finished concrete slab. It is designed for installation onto a two- or four-track paver. The paving operation, bar insertion and finishing operations are all combined into one compact unit. Click here to see a step-by-step explanation of the IDBI's insertion process.


The IDBI is GOMACO's patented system of putting dowel bars into a concrete slab during the paving process. Our engineers have designed a complete system that is accurate and user-friendly, while assuring you, our customer, has a piece of equipment that can be adjusted to provide exacting tolerances for any job specification.


The IDBI is far superior to others on the market for accuracy in bar placement location, productivity and meeting rideability specifications.


Over two decades, we have sent out field representatives and engineering and research teams to the job sites to study our dowel bar insertion process and make improvements to assure our system continues to be the most advanced and operator-friendly dowel placement method in the industry. Inspectors and civil engineers expect accuracy in the bar location in the slab and contractors wanted the process incorporated in the paver without huge transport and setup demands.


The insertion forks on the new IDBI have been designed to provide the industry standard in bar placement accuracy. The fork design also reduces the amount of scarring on insertion and vibration consolidates and closes material around the inserted bars. A tamper bar, unique oscillating straightedge, paving pan and stainless repair the scarring in the slab.


The computer control system GOMACO has developed for the IDBI manages all the systems in an easy to understand display. The computer controls the timing and operations of the IDBI functions, including sending the trolley, positioning the IDBI in standby, and activation of the IDBI system for bar insertion.


Presetting and adjusting joint spacing for IDBI activation is easy to understand and simple to program. Bar inserters for longitudinal joints can be programmed and controlled through this same system. The operator has to know exactly where the IDBI is during the paving process and the screen for the IDBI menu was designed with that in mind.


Performing self-diagnostics and all programming is a simple task on the touch-screen system.


GOMACO has designed special software to allow smooth transitions from crown to flat slope and vice versa. The Power Transition Adjuster (PTA) in the front pan, the IDBI and the finishing pan are all synchronized to make the necessary adjustments as they reach specific stations in the transition.


GOMACO holds domestic and European patents on the bar-loading trolley, computerization program, and the IDBI.


GOMACO has proven its commitment to the automatic insertion of dowel bars through our years of testing and research. That is why GOMACO is the leader in the IDBI system and we will continue to bring our customers the best innovations in concrete construction equipment.




Warning! What Can Lie Beneath the Surface with Unproven DBI Systems


The GOMACO System does not drop the bars onto the concrete and then push the bars into the material. The IDBI bar-holding tray holds the parallel position of the bars and the fork design holds that position as the bars are inserted into the concrete slab.





On-the-go bar placement is necessary to maintain rideability in the paving process. The IDBI system travels with the paver during the insertion process. One of the purposes of the unique heel and toe design of the forks is to hold the position as the bars are placed transversely across the width of the slab.




IDBIThe IDBI provides consistent depth of each bar across the slab to form a straight line in the end view of the pavement profile. There are many considerations in the dowel bar insertion process to assure consistent depth placement of each bar including amounts of applied vibration across the system. If there is excessive or insufficient amounts of vibration at crucial points in the insertion forks, radical positioning may occur. This can come from under-designed or over-designed systems. Our research and development teams continue to study mix designs and on-the-job results to fine tune the vibratory aspect of the system. GOMACO's exclusive, computer-controlled, smart-cylinder technology provides the state-of-the-art system to maintain the accountability of the depth of the bars in the slab.









Dedication To Accuracy & Reliability

GOMACO has taken its years of experience working with different methods, mixes and job-site conditions to design the ultimate tool for concrete paving with dowel bar insertion, a machine that will meet the strictest specifications. Several actual pours simulating job-site conditions were performed at the Ida Grove, Iowa, USA, test site. Bar positioning was continually checked and verified during the bar placement process. Our research and development teams have literally spent years perfecting the system. Core samples have proven the reliability, exacting bar placement and superior consolidation of concrete around the inserted bars. The IDBI has been used on several major projects, including interstate roads, railroad yards, and runways. Service is available through our distributor and our own manufacturing support for setup and training.




Independent IDBI Attachment


• Independent attachment is self contained, self-powered, and inserts transverse joint bars in pavements up to 50 feet (15.2 m) wide

• IDBI powered by its own engine

• CAN cable connects IDBI’s controls to controller on the paver and allows the two systems to communicate

• Crane with rechargeable wireless remote control has 21 feet (6.4 m) of reach and 6500 pound (2948 kg) lifting capacity

• Outriggers on the attachment have 47 inches (1194 mm) of stroke and can be hydraulically lowered and placed on the ground to support the full weight of the IDBI as it is attached to or detached from the paver. The outriggers are also used to raise the unit so a trailer can be backed underneath for transport

• Bar-loading tray accommodates dowel bars ranging in size from one to 1.5 inch (25-38 mm) in diameter and from 18 to 24 inches (457-610 mm) in length

• Patented bar tray for easy bar spacing and width changes

• New adjustable-height bar extractors




GOMACO IDBI Dowel Bar Inserter Attachment For GOMACO Concrete Slipform Pavers
8 minutes





IDBI graphic





IDBI graphic

A front view of the IDBI attachment.





IDBI graphic

A rear view of the IDBI attachment.






The IDBI attachment's finishing process includes a tamper bar, unique oscillating straightedge, paving pan and stainless that follow the bar inserters and repair scarring from the insertion process.





Accurate bar placement with proper concrete consolidation around the bar is a trademark of the GOMACO IDBI system.





The GOMACO GP-4000 with independent IDBI attachment slipforms 36 feet (11 m) wide on an interstate project.





A GP-4000 with IDBI attachment has plenty of clearance as it slipforms underneath a bridge overpass.





The IDBI attachment is capable of widths as narrow as 10 feet (3 m) and as wide as 50 feet (15.2 m).





The IDBI attachment has outriggers, capable of supporting its full weight, for attaching or detaching from the paver, or raising for transport on a trailer.





A CAN cable connects the controllers on both the paver and the IDBI allowing the two systems to communicate. For example, when the paver stops and starts, the tamper bar and screed on the IDBI turn on and off automatically coordinating with the paver.





The GOMACO GHP-2800 with an independent IDBI attachment slipforms with a Leica stringless guidance system.





The IDBI attachment is available for all GOMACO four-track pavers and can be retrofitted to most existing GOMACO pavers already working in the field.





The independent IDBI attachment provides time and labor savings with on-the-go placement of dowel bars across the width of the slab.





The GOMACO IDBI has been proven and accepted around the world for accuracy in bar placement location and productivity.









GOMACO G+ Control System

The IDBI controls have all been designed in-house by GOMACO controls engineers. Its new GOMACO G+ control system is easy to learn and operator-friendly. The IDBI information is presented in full color, commands are presented in full text, and is able to operate in several languages, by customer's choice. It offers the choice of metric or imperial measurements. The new IDBI control system also offers troubleshooting capabilities and other features that will make start up and general paving each day faster and easier.



IDBI about screen




IDBI active faults




IDBI machine setup




IDBI run screen





A G+ control screen displays IDBI and other bar insertion information in the Russian language.













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