GT-3600 Sidewalk/Recreational Trail Applications


A GT-3600 is trimming and slipforming this four foot (1.2 meter) wide sidewalk in Winter Haven, Florida.




The GT-3600 slipforms a 10 foot (3 m) wide sidewalk with a centermounted mold.




Meeting specifications, minimum-clearance versatility, and high production is achieved with the GT-3600, slipforming this 5 foot (1.52 m) sidewalk in Alabama.




Minimum-clearance, versatility, and high production are achieved with the GT-3600 as it slipforms this five foot (1.5 m) wide sidewalk.




This GT-3600 slipforms 10 foot (3 m) wide, eight inch (203 mm) thick, dolly pads at a distribution facility.

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The GT-3600 slipforms 18 holes of continuous golf cart path on this course in Rockford, Michigan. This golf cart path is 8 feet (2.44 m) wide, 4 inches (102 mm) thick and 30,200 feet (9205 m) in length.

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The GT-3600's All-Track Positioning (ATP) allowed this contractor to move his leg over so the track wasn't running on the newly slipformed curb and gutter.

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A 9.8 foot (3m) wide mold was undermounted to this GT-3600 on a roadway project in New South Wales, Australia.

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A GT-3600 with a center-mounted sidewalk mold is at work slipforming on a new project in Brest, Belarus, close to the border with the country of Poland.




This contractor slipforms a three meter (9.8 ft) wide recreational path in Aalst, Belgium. Their GT-3600 features the exclusive GOMACO operating system with both the English and Dutch languages.




The GT-3600 with All-Track Positioning (ATP) provides easy set up for slipforming sidewalk to the existing slab. Steering and grade is referenced off the existing curb or can be referenced off the stringline.




This GT-3600 slipformed meandering sidewalk through a park in Redding, California. It was a project that included areas of 100 foot (30.5 m) long radii.

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