GT-3400 Slipform Paver


GOMACO GT-3200 sidewalk paver




• Right-Side Or Left-Side Paving To Accommodate Your Paving Needs

• Six Foot Wide Paving

• Fifty Inch High Barrier Or Parapet Wall

• Wireless Remote Control With GOMACO's Exclusive Operating System

• Two-Speed Track System

• High Production

• CAT® Diesel Engine Power

• Direct-Drive Trimmer

• Safety Features

• Large Capacity Hopper

• 24 Inch Radius Curb

• Designed For Transportability

• Visibility

• Hook-And-Go Mold System

• Direct-Drive Auger

• All-Track Steering (ATS)

• Sideshifting Trimmerhead

• Multi-Application Versatility

• More Torque

• String Or Stringless

• Selective Steer

• Push-Button Steering Setup

• Vertical Adjusting Trimmerhead

• Piston Style Legs

• Job-Site Mobility









Nothing Remotely Like It....

The GOMACO three-track GT-3400 curb and gutter machine...there is nothing remotely like it.






It’s remote controlled! The remote control is light weight and durable and gives the operator total freedom to move about the operation. The remote features all the necessary functions, including vibrator adjustment and an emergency stop. The wireless remote control was designed for ultimate safety and visibility. This little 6.75 lb. (3.1 kg) package has twenty-one toggle switches, three control dials, five indicator lights, four variable controls for the vibrators, and a large red emergency stop button. Built-in safety features stop the machine if the remote would lose communication or if the remote control turns on its horizontal axis more than 60 degrees. The wireless remote features “frequency hopping.” The remote is constantly changing channels. Every 200 milliseconds it changes frequency to maintain contact with the machine. The remote can be tethered to the machine for areas that do not allow transmitting.

The GT-3400 can be right-side or left-side pour. You can pave with either stringline or go stringless. The G21 controls interface with stringless technology/3-D control systems. It features a revolutionary, high-powered trimmer, and changing molds is quick and easy with the new Hook-and-Go mold system. Its total length is less than 17 ft. (5.2 m) and the new three-track design features All-Track Steering. The GT-3400 is the beginning of a whole new class of curb and gutter machines.

The versatile GT-3400 is powered by a 136 hp (101.5 kW) electronic controlled Caterpillar® diesel engine with a remote mounted cooling package. The engine, coupled with state-of-the-art hydraulic circuitry, results in the most fuel efficient horsepower to work-performed ratio in the industry. The cooling package fan is driven by a hydraulic motor which allows the G21 controller to vary the fan speed to match the cooling demand. This results in less engine horsepower dedicated to the fan and a quieter operation.

The GT-3400 features the simultaneous trim/pour concept. The GT-3400 trimmer is the most powerful trimmer on the market today. GOMACO’s direct-drive trimmerhead is driven with a radial piston hydraulic motor. The trimmer’s closed-loop hydraulic circuit and radial piston motor provide 28,684 inch-pounds (3241 N-m) of torque at the trimmerhead. The 24 in. (610 mm) diameter trimmer is equipped with Kennametal teeth, and the trimmer’s width can be varied from 30 in. (762 mm) to 78 in. (1981 mm). The direct-drive auger system provides more torque and the hopper is designed for extra concrete capacity. These features provide high-production paving.

More GT-3400 features include the new piston style legs and the two-speed motor that provides a fast tracking speed of 125 fpm (38 mpm) for job-site mobility.

The GOMACO three-track GT-3400 is a multi-application machine, including curb and gutter, tight radii, safety barrier, bridge parapet, sidewalk, monolithic sidewalk and curb and gutter, recreational path and flat slabs up to 6 ft. (1.83 m) wide.



Wireless Remote Provides Safety And Freedom

GT-3400 Wireless Remote - Click For A Close-Up




GOMACO’s wireless remote is powered by a 9.6 volt NiCad, off-the-shelf, Makita® battery, which makes it easy to replace. The machine ships with two batteries and a DC charger that is in the console for charging the second battery. A fully charged battery will last for approximately twelve hours. The remote fits under the console with the exclusive digital operating system for secure storage.




Battery charger and spare battery




Battery access to remote




The remote can be tethered to the machine for job-site areas that do not allow transmitting. The remote bypass cable is located inside the console.





The GT-3400 Is The Perfect Machine To Handle Job-Site Conditions

Many parking lot designs for curb and gutter have sharp angles, short runs, tight radii, and do not always take slipforming into consideration. The GOMACO GT-3400 makes these kinds of jobs possible. Its compact size from front to back, allows the machine to get into the small areas where one island ends and another begins. And with its extra-large capacity hopper, it’s easier to complete a tight radii, with minimal hand work. Click here to see photos from projects that illustrate job conditions with a multiple number of curb and gutter islands, short runs, tight radii, and minimum room for maneuvering the paving machine.

Tight radii are not a problem with the GT-3400. A two-foot (610 mm) radius ribbon curb is accomplished with the unique machine design, operator visibility, GOMACO's exclusive operating system and wireless remote, hopper, mold positioning, multiple sensoring and three-track versatility.

The GT-3400 utilizes three steer sensors to eliminate guesswork. One sensor is located at the tip of the front track (sensor 1); one is located at the front of the stainless (sensor 2); and one is located at the back of the stainless (sensor 3). Sensor 1 and 2 control the front tracks and Sensor 3 controls the rear track for both forward and reverse steer. As the GT-3400 enters the radius, the operator switches from Sensor 1 to Sensor 2 with a toggle switch on the remote. The combination of the hopper and the charging auger enable the GT-3400 to continuously travel through a tight radius without waiting for concrete delivery. Also important for a tight radius are travel speed, mix design and concrete slump.




Left-Side Pour





Overhead View, Left-Side Pour





Piston-Style Legs





Smart Cylinders & Hydraulic Height Adjustment, Left-Side Pour





Side View, Left-Side Pour





Right-Side Pour





The Digital Power of GOMACO's Exclusive Operating System

GOMACO's operating system is a digital control system with graphical display that provides easy to understand icons and multi-language commands. It is a revolutionary proprietary software and operating system that combines intelligence with simplicity for GOMACO construction equipment. The information is presented in full color, commands are presented in full text, and this system can contain multiple languages for operation.

The GOMACO operating system features a 6.5 inch (165 mm) anti-glare display screen with sensor-controlled backlight levels. It provides superior visibility under all operating conditions. Its rugged, shock resistant construction protects it against dust, moisture, and other outdoor elements. The high-brightness, color graphics, and fourteen (14) function buttons provide the ultimate user-friendly operator experience.












Right-Side or Left-Side Pour Available for the Versatile GT-3400



These two GT-3400s, one ordered as a right-side pour (left photo, white machine) and one a left-side pour (right photo, gold machine), went to work in France and were high-production slipforming with stand-up curb and channel curb and gutter. Both of these GT-3400s were equipped with the GOMACO exclusive operating system. It has a feature that provides the operators with machine controls displayed in their French language.






GOMACO’s Quick and Easy Hook-and-Go



Changing molds on the GT-3400 is quick and easy with GOMACO’s new heavy-duty Hook-and-Go mold-mounting system. It does not have pins or latches. Simply drive the GT-3400 up to the mold and hook the mount to a special attachment plate. Lower the hold-down and lift the mold and you are ready to start paving again.












Direct-Drive Trimmerhead

The trimmerhead is directly driven with a radial piston hydraulic motor in a closed loop hydraulic system, making this trimmer the most powerful trimmer on the market today. The motor provides an increase in torque for more power and a faster tooth-tip rotational speed which moves the trimmed material out of the trimmerhead at a higher rate.










High-Production Hopper

The extra-large capacity hopper is designed to allow continuous slipforming through a tight radius.





Powered by a Caterpillar® Engine

The GT-3400 is equipped with a 136 hp (101.5 kW) electronic controlled Caterpillar® diesel engine, providing plenty of power for high-production slipforming.





Guillotine-Style and California-Style Curb Depressors Available for Driveways

Another feature on the GT-3400 is the optional hydraulically powered driveway blockouts, available for curb and gutter molds. This feature allows the GT-3400 to eliminate wasted material while slipforming through driveways.


Guillotine-style curb depressor





California-style curb depressor





Guillotine-style curb depressor, hydraulically powered, has a straight blade that enters the face of the curb, while slipforming through driveways. Can be changed to other molds if molds are slotted and clamped to accept the driveway cutout.



California-style curb depressor, hydraulically powered, has a curved blade that enters the face, for use on curb and gutter molds while slipforming through driveways.






Advantages of All-Track Steering (ATS)

The GT-3400 is equipped with All-Track Steering (ATS). ATS allows Selective Steer control with the GOMACO exclusive operating system. A flip of the switch allows automatic stringline control of steering, plus two other choices for maneuvering the machine with the steering dial, Coordinated Steer and Crab Steer. With this feature, setting the machine to line is quick. Simply set your selective steer control to Crab Steer and walk the machine sideways to get on the stringline. When the steer select switch is in the crab steer position, the steering control dial will control the turning of the tracks. If the dial is turned left or right from the center position, all tracks will turn in the corresponding direction to walk the machine to the side, right up to the stringline. Then place the steering sensors on the line and walk the machine in reverse to the existing curb and gutter. With the GT-3400 in position to come off the header, the operator flips the switch to forward steer and takes off slipforming.


TS has the ability to steer all of the tracks and allows accurate steering around tight radii instead of sliding on grade. With the capability to steer all of the tracks, the skid steer action through a radius is eliminated and you’re able to produce a high-quality end product without continual manual adjustment of the machine sensors. The end product is a radius that is an accurate reflection of the stringline.

When the switch is in the Coordinated Steer position, the steering control dial turns the tracks to accomplish maximum job-site mobility. Turning the steering dial right or left from center position turns the lead track in the corresponding direction and the trailing track turns in the opposite direction.

The ability to steer all three tracks of a paver provides accurate steering control when pouring tight radius, barrier and parapet, sidewalk, or wider width paving.



All-Track Steering with the Coordinated Steer feature.




GT-3400 is Easy to Transport and has Quick Job-Site Mobility

The GOMACO GT-3400 is quick and easy to transport with an overall shipping width of 8 ft. 5.5 in. (2.58 m), length of 16 ft. 9 in. (5.11 m), and height of 8 ft. 5.8 in. (2.59 m). Job-site mobility and quick loading is accomplished with the track speed in the transport mode of 125 fpm (38 mpm).





Wide Variety of New Stringline, Clamps, Rods and Sensor Line Accessories Available

GOMACO has a wide variety of new stringline, clamps, rods, and sensor line accessories.

GOMACO sensor line is designed specifically for electronically controlled equipment. Sensor line and sensors provide the grade and steering information linked to the GOMACO operating system, located on the operator panel. The GOMACO electronic-over-hydraulic sensor system provides intelligent control of grade and steering for paving accuracy, and ease of operation.

Stringline stakes are made of high carbon steel, designed for a long life. Stakes are available in various lengths, ranging from 18 in. (457 mm) to 60 in. (152 mm). The stringline stakes range in diameter from .75 in. (19 mm) to .875 in. (22 mm).

One-piece and quick-set spring-action zinc-plated clamps are available.

The stringline zinc-plated, slotted rods are 18 in. (457 mm) in length and will accommodate a .125 in. (3 mm) diameter stringline.

GOMACO has many other sensor line accessories to choose from.



Designed For Safety

The GT-3400 machine is carefully designed to give years of dependable and safe service. Emergency stop buttons are located on strategic areas of the machine. The E-Stops are on the wireless remote, operator’s console and on corners of the machine or can be positioned at various points on the machine providing optimal use for specific applications.

Other safety features include track guards, warning decals, an operator’s manual, and a safety manual. GOMACO machines are also designed to provide the operator maximum visibility over the entire paving operation.

GOMACO Corporation recommends the implementation of all safety procedures.







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