GP-4000 Two-Track Applications


This two-track GP-4000 is equipped with the world’s most accurate IDBI system. GOMACO’s patented IDBI dowel bar inserter provides ease and accuracy in dowel bar placement transversely across the slab. This machine is also equipped with a sidemounted air-powered bar inserter and will accommodate most types of bars.




A two-track GP-4000 is at work mainline paving near the city of Acayucan in Veracruz, Mexico. The paver features two front-mounted bar inserters, an IDBI, and 3D machine guidance.




A high-production feature on GOMACO slipform pavers is one-pass slipforming with integral curb on one or both sides of the slab. The two-track GP-4000 is slipforming this slab 31 feet (9.5 m) wide and five inches (127 mm) thick, with integral curb on both sides of the slab.




The intersection between the two major runways at the Sioux Falls Airport in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was removed and replaced in just two weekends. Paving production with the GOMACO GP-4000 averaged 400 cubic yards (305.8 m3) per hour. A second batch plant had to be utilized to keep up with the paver’s production while slipforming 37.5 feet (11.4 m) wide.




GOMACO’s two-track GP-4000 is paving passes 24 feet (7.3 m) wide and 15 inches (381 mm) thick on a new interstate in Arizona. The new roadway, at its widest point, will be 84 feet (25.6 m) with four lanes of traffic in each direction.




This two-track GP-4000 is slipforming a 24 in. (610 mm) thick slab at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The GP-4000 is also equipped with the exclusive operating system and 3D control system providing a stringless operation.





This GP-4000 equipped with the IDBI is slipforming a highway in Longmont, Colorado.




A 45 ft. (13.72 m) wide street is being slipformed by this GP-4000. Integral curb is also a part of this project.





The IDBI made its professional debut on this GP-4000 two-track paver in Las Vegas, Nevada.





The IDBI operates within the front to back length of the GP-4000.




This project involved over 40 miles (64.4 km) of Interstate 25, north of Denver, Colorado. The two-track GP-4000 slipformed the concrete at 40.5 ft. (12.3 m) wide and 13 in. (330 mm) thick. The machine was equipped with GOMACO’s patented IDBI system for the placement of bars.

Read more about this project in GOMACO World 32.2.













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