Commander II Applications



Concrete is fed into the hopper by a 20 inch (508 mm) wide, six foot (1.83 m) long conveyor belt.





The GOMACO Commander II features the G+® control system.





The operator’s platform is isolated to eliminate vibration for operator comfort during paving.





GOMACO Remote Diagnostics (GRD) are available with the G+ system.





The compact Commander II can simultaneously trim and pour high-volume curb and gutter.





Another application for the Commander II is slipforming monolithic sidewalk. On this project, the Commander II is slipforming a 4 ft. (1.22 m) wide monolithic sidewalk and valley gutter through a radius and minimum clearance with obstacles like the fire hydrant pictured above.




Median barrier and bridge parapet are two of the many applications where the Commander II provides a quality product. Maximum barrier and parapet heights of 32 in. (813 mm) can be achieved.





The Commander II has versatility with the mold centermounted between the two tracks while slipforming a 7 ft. (2.13 m) wide shoulder on this project. The 2.5 ft. (.76 m) hydraulic side adjustment for the right side provides stability and clearance for the centermounted mold when slipforming wider widths.




The Commander II handles a 5 ft. (1.52 m) radius slipforming curb. The side-mounted design provides minimum side clearance. The Commander II utilizes the patented simultaneous trim/pour concept which maximizes efficiency and assured nearly 100 percent concrete yield.




The two-track design on the Commander II has built-in versatility for handling multi-application slipform paving projects. The Commander II will easily convert from project to project with applications such as curb and gutter, barrier, bridge parapet, irrigation canal, sidewalk, bicycle path, shoulders and more.





The optional hydraulic trimmerhead and drawbar adjustments allow the trimmerhead and mold to be lowered for trimming and pouring next to an existing slab with both tracks on the slab. Independent controls on the operator's station provide vertical adjustment for the trimmerhead and drawbar.




This Louisiana contractor used his versatile Commander II, equipped with a unique 7 ft. 9 in. (2.36 m) wide stair-step mold, for this specialized slipforming application at the Lafayette Mall in New Orleans. The Commander II slipformed each side of the new street in a single pass, eliminating the need to set seven lineal feet of forms for each lineal foot of stone.










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