C-650, CP-650 & SL-650 Cylinder Finisher Applications


This contractor is at work on a large canal project in Rancaqua, Chile. They are using two GOMACO CP-650s, one for concrete finishing and one equipped with a compaction roller for the grade. The RC Conveyor on the project is used for placing both the rock for the grade and the concrete for the canal.




A GOMACO SL-650 canal machine finishes a new irrigation canal on the Adige River in northern Italy.

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A GOMACO C-650-S with a center-mounted PTA (power transition adjuster) finishes 11 meters (36 ft) wide on a project by San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Argentina.




The C-650-F form cylinder finisher is ideal for finishing this city street project. This machine is mounted on bogies that run on rail. Available for the C-650-F is the automated grade control system to compensate for any variance in the rail positioning. Pin-connected sections provide fast setup time and the versatility to fit exact job requirements.




GOMACO equipment is "Preferred" for the world's waterways and any type of slope project. Slope and canal trimmers and finishers are designed for fast trimming and finishing, strict tolerances, even on 1:1 (45 degree) slopes, with a minimum of handfinishing.




This CP-650 finishes the three-sided canal in Portugal in one pass. The canal had a slope of 1.5:1 with a bottom width of 6.6 feet (2 m). An RC Conveyor was placing concrete on grade in front of the CP-650, and a Spanit® work bridge followed the finisher.

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The world's largest canal, located in western India, was lined with GOMACO equipment including RC Conveyors, 750 series trimmers and finishers, 6000 Walkway Spanit work bridges and 650 canal pavers.




The C-650-S, powered by a 50 hp (37.3 kW) CAT diesel engine, finishes this city street. This machine is equipped with two 11 ft. (3.35 m) long, hydraulically powered, gear-driven crawler tracks. The operating speed is variable up to 20.5 fpm (6.25 mpm). Automated steering and grade control is available.




This is a one-pass canal operation with the CP-650. The GOMACO RC Conveyor and CP-650 are track-mounted and the Spanit work bridge is mounted on rubber-tired bogies.




This SL-650 is equipped with crawler tracks. It is trimming the grade of a slope on a project in Spain. It is trimming with the optional trimming undercarriage attachment, prior to lining the canal with concrete. The machine uses an automatic grade and steering control system to obtain the proper grade.







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