C-450 Cylinder Finisher Applications


A GOMACO C-450 with a power transition adjuster (PTA) finishes a bridge deck 64 feet (19.5 m) wide in Dickinson, North Dakota.




The C-450 with a PTA is finishing a 225 foot (68.58 m) long by 44.5 foot (13.56 m) wide bridge deck.




The C-450 finishes a 48 foot (14.63 m) wide bridge deck with a thickness of 20 inches (508 mm).




The C-450’s undercarriage is equipped with a 36 inch (914 mm) lowering kit, dual augers, five foot (1.5 m) long externally-vibrating double cylinders, and double float pans with a double burlap drag. It also features a fogger system to keep the microsilica concrete from sticking to the finishing cylinders.

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A GOMACO C-450, riding on forms, is finishing an airport apron in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. A GOMACO Spanit® work bridge was used behind the finisher.




Old meets new on a 104 foot (31.7 m) wide skewed bridge deck project in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, as an old style GOMACO C-450 finisher with overhead truss works side-by-side with a new C-450 that has transitional framework.




Two C-450s work side-by-side with two concrete pumper trucks to finish this bridge deck.

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The Keg Creek Bridge on U.S. Route 6 in Pottawattamie County, six miles (9.7 km) east of Council Bluffs, Iowa, was built in 1953. It was a three-span, concrete haunched girder bridge, 28 feet (8.5 m) wide and 180 feet (54.9 m) long. It was selected for the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) accelerated bridge construction (ABC) project.

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Finishers had 14 edges the entire span of the Keg Creek Bridge, plus 76 pick point boxes to hand finish around during the pour.




This C-450 is equipped with a double-drum finishing cylinder and a three foot (.91 m) cylinder lowering attachment. The cylinder finisher was followed by a GOMACO Spanit® work bridge.




A C-450 finishes a residential road 7.6 meters (24.9 ft) wide by 250 millimeters (9.8 in) thick for this contractor in Vihn Yen City, Vietnam.




A C-450 with transitional framework finishes a bridge deck on a skew with its double-cylinder carriage and a four inch (102 mm) crown built-in with a power transition adjuster (PTA).




A GOMACO C-450 finishes a five inch (127 mm) concrete overlay project in Albany, New York.




The C-450 is equipped with transitional framework and two undercarriages to finish a bridge deck. The GOMACO machine also features adjustable augers and pan-type vibrators on each undercarriage. The GOMACO cylinder finisher is followed by a powered Spanit work bridge.




This contractor finishes a fill-in lane with an 80 to 120 millimeter (3.1 to 4.7 in) crown with their C-450 on a street project in Montevideo, Uruguay.




The C-450 is equipped with a power transition adjuster (PTA), allowing changes in crown elevation on-the-go, and an adjustable auger to level the concrete ahead of the finishing cylinders.




The consolidation pass incorporated into the finishing provides additional compaction and eliminates spalling and voids to meet the most rigid engineering inspection.




A GOMACO C-450 is followed by a Spanit work bridge on a polymer concrete overlay project in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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This C-450, equipped with a double-drum cylinder, is finishing a boat ramp on the Susquehanna River in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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This C-450 is finishing a city street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.




This contractor used his C-450 cylinder finisher for a runway apron on the Hickman Air Force Base in Oahu, Hawaii. The machine finished the slab while traveling on forms.




This contractor is using their C-450 cylinder finisher on a bridge deck project in Somerset, Massachusetts. The C-450 is equipped with a double-drum finishing cylinder, and adjustable augers.




This 84 foot (25.6 m) wide C-450 cylinder finisher, with a double-drum cylinder and framework that transitions from 24 to 42 inches (610 to 1067 mm) deep, is finishing on a bridge project in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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This C-450 is finishing one of the longest bridges being built in 2007 in the United States at 7000 feet (2133 m) long and 150 feet (45 m) wide. This C-450 features two power transition adjustors, double-drum finishing cylinders with mist bar, adjustable strike-off augers, and two float pans. The project is on the I-355 Toll Road in Chicago, Illinois.




Three C-450s are simultaneously at work on this bridge deck project in Providence, Rhode Island.




The GOMACO SL-450 provides high-production finishing on this test track in Alabama. Independent hydraulic drives on each end of this unit provides variable speeds up to 30.9 fpm (9.42 mpm).




Self-widening jacks are utilized on the finisher for automatic negotiation of the tapered deck. By adding the overhead truss, you have the advantage of taking the basic C-450 to greater widths, allowing the versatility to adapt to several projects. GOMACO engineers recommend the overhead truss system on the C-450 model at widths exceeding 76 ft. (23.16 m).




This C-450 finishes reinforced concrete flat slabs from 32 ft. (9.75 m) up to 102 ft. (31 m) wide on multi-story buildings as a base to support a suspended floor on this project in England. The hydraulic lift for the double-cylinder undercarriage enables it to be raised to clear blockouts in the floor. The independent mountings for vibrator and augers allow the operator to position these items to fit the mix design and finish required.




This C-450 is equipped with the rotary stinger vibrator for consolidation of the concrete, and also the twin adjustable auger. The rotary stinger vibrator automatically rotates 180 degrees at the end of each pass, and the auger is designed to be attached in any position for full strike-off control.




This contractor in Buffalo, New York, puts his C-450 finisher to work at night on this bridge deck project. The C-450 was set up to finish at a 38 degree skew. A 360 degree turntable on the upper carriage allows maximum skewing of the undercarriage to keep the finishing cylinder parallel to the center of the slab.

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Another unique project is this tunnel that connects France and England. The GOMACO finishing system included a modified C-450 cylinder finisher, a texturing machine coupled with a walkway machine into one unit, and a rail pick-up machine.




The C-450 on this bridge deck is equipped with two power transition adjusters (PTA) installed at pin-connected points for on-the-go elevation changes.




The operator's platform is designed for strategic positioning, providing excellent visibility of the entire finishing operation. It allows operator access from either the front or end of the machine, and has an easy to access engine compartment.




Waste treatment facilities which require a 360 degree concrete finish can easily be accomplished with the C-450 pivot point operation.




On this bridge deck project in Minnesota, the contractor has equipped his C-450 with a double-cylinder undercarriage, adjustable pan vibrator, adjustable augers and an adjustable float pan with burlap drag attachments.




The GOMACO C-450 was used in this railroad tunnel in British Columbia to complete 5.2 miles (8.4 km) of concrete base, 17 ft. (5.81 m) wide between the tunnel walls. The C-450 is set on rails attached to concrete starter walls, and the legs on the finisher are mounted so the C-450 runs inside the walls.




This GOMACO C-450 is finishing a 72 ft. (21.95 m) bridge deck in New Mexico. The finisher is equipped with a double-cylinder undercarriage with adjustable augers. The GOMACO 4000 series Spanit work bridge follows the C-450 for any final finish work.




The C-450 provides high-production finishing on this bridge deck in Indiana. The contractor has equipped his C-450 finisher with a double-cylinder, adjustable pan vibrator, and adjustable augers that provide quick, easy and accurate grade adjustments.

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This C-450 is equipped with a unique double-cylinder extended undercarriage, adjustable pan vibrator, and adjustable augers. This machine has the versatility of being able to run with the bogies on grade on one side and on the other side, it is running on top of the barrier wall. This minimizes any finishing handwork and provides the versatility for finishing under minimum-clearance conditions.




The GOMACO C-450 provides quick and accurate finishing on this airport apron in Cleveland, Ohio.




This C-450 is equipped with a double-cylinder undercarriage consisting of two cylinders and augers, providing high production on this eight-block section of Interstate 80 through Cheyenne, Wyoming.




GOMACO finishers will help you obtain a compacted and finished slab at the average rate of 2000 sq. ft. (186 sq. m) per hour with the single cylinder and 3500 sq. ft. (325 sq. m) per hour with the double cylinder.




A tollway project in Jakarta, Indonesia, keeps this C-450 finisher busy. The machine was used for both streets and bridges, as well as new construction and reconstruction of pavements, to reduce traffic congestion in the city. The overall project includes 20,534 cu. yd. (15,700 cu. m) of concrete.










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