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Rideability Starts Here With The World’s Most Versatile Material Handling Machine


The Advantage of GOMACO’s Unique Front-Mounted, Two-Track Design

More Trimming Power... The single-drive, hydrostatic motor increases trimmerhead power by 50 percent with nine percent more trimmerhead speed for high production. One drive instead of two provides less maintenance.

Asset Utilization... The versatility of the 9000 comes directly from the front-mounted design. This allows changing the same machine from a grade trimmer to a shoulder trimmer or to a concrete placer.

Less Maintenance Time... Easy access to the front-mounted trimmer allows quick inspection of the trimmerhead or replacement of teeth.

Quick Transport Readiness... The trimmerhead or concrete hopper is easily detached and the machine simply backs off. No additional equipment is needed at the location to remove them.

It Loads Itself... Optional hydraulic pick-up arms load the trimmerhead onto the trailer, so additional heavy-lifting equipment is not needed at that location.

Maneuverability... A 360-degree turn in the machine’s own length is possible because of the two-track design. A wide turning radius is not demanded like three-track machines. Maneuverability is necessary in most job-site conditions.

Low PSI... The large track surface contact area and the two-track design provide a high tractive effort and low ground pressure on the trimmed grade.

Does Not Leave The End Of The Pass Untrimmed... Only the front-mounted trimmer allows for trimming to the end of each pass or within inches of front obstacles.

More Power And Minimum Side Clearance... Our state-of-the-art, hydrostatic, direct drive motor in the trimmerhead is mounted internally to allow side-clearance requirements of only inches/millimeters.

Visibility Means Safety... The operator has a full view of the trimmerhead or concrete hopper because it is directly in front of the operator’s platform.



Less Parts And More Trimming Power Than Ever Before With Single Drive

The 9000 has a single hydrostatic drive motor on the trimmerhead. This hydraulic system design has made the best even better.

It requires less maintenance with one drive, instead of two. It has half the circuits, half the connections and half as many hoses with the single drive. It has more trimming power for the operation with 50 percent more power to the standard trimmerhead and the tooth-tip rotational maximum speed has increased by nine percent. The single drive now allows for simplified and cost effective trimmerhead width changes. You can now add inserts without the consideration of two drive sections.



Improved Conveyor System Provides More Power

The conveyor system offers more throughput than ever before. The conveyor system is now a closed loop direct drive hydrostatic system. This new system design provides more power to the belts and five percent more belt speed.

The throat from the trimmerhead to the transfer conveyor has been enlarged to funnel the maximum amount of material possible to the belt system in a single rotation of the head.







GOMACO’s Control System Easily Interfaces with 3D Guidance

GOMACO Corporation has the control system of the future. The G+ technology allows GOMACO’s slipform pavers, trimmers, and placer/spreaders to connect to 3D guidance systems. These systems can accommodate radii or superelevations automatically according to design data.

Real-time navigation systems allow the project data created in the CAD system to be directly put into the trimming process. The result is improved product quality, operational safety and work rate. Another advantage is uninterrupted control of the machine over long distances.






GOMACO Trimmerhead Designed For Maximum Power And Performance

The standard 10 ft. 8 in. (3.25 m) 9000 trimmerhead has 95 teeth for maximum performance to profile the grade to specification.





Quality And Versatility

GOMACO has the highest standard of quality in the industry with skilled personnel producing state-of-the-art machines.

GOMACO’s engineering, research and development and manufacturing teams are known for quality control to provide superior performance.

The GOMACO 9000 was designed for maximum versatility as both a high-production trimmer or a quick and accurate concrete placer. GOMACO quality is proven performance and dedication to customer satisfaction for over 40 years.






The Digital Power of GOMACO's Exclusive Operating System

GOMACO's operating system is a digital control system with graphical display that provides easy to understand icons and multi-language commands. It is a revolutionary proprietary software and operating system that combines intelligence with simplicity for GOMACO construction equipment. The information is presented in full color, commands are presented in full text, and this system can contain multiple languages for operation.

The GOMACO operating system features a 6.5 inch (165 mm) anti-glare display screen with sensor-controlled backlight levels. It provides superior visibility under all operating conditions. Its rugged, shock resistant construction protects it against dust, moisture, and other outdoor elements. The high-brightness, color graphics, and fourteen (14) function buttons provide the ultimate user-friendly operator experience.







Sidemounted, Sectional Trimmerhead Is Designed For Shoulder Work

The 9000 travels on the existing roadway and the sidemounted trimmer eliminates the problems of restricted side clearance, obstacles along the shoulder, and lack of offset or available track path outside the shoulder.

It is capable of trimming off either side of the machine, and has up to 6 ft. (1.83 m) sideshifting capabilities.

Read more on the sidemounted trimmer here.











Versatility with Sonar, Quick-Hitch, Pick-Up Arms, and Rolling Grade Ski

A digital tracking sonar sensing system is available for the 9000 trimmer. This system is ideal for second pass trimming operations. Grade referencing is achieved as the sonar sensor bounces a sound wave off an existing slab or grade. No stringline setup is needed, and this saves time, which means more profit for the contractor.




A quick-hitch locks the dump truck to the 9000 placer and with the truck in neutral, the 9000 will easily push the truck while it is discharging the concrete into the receiving hopper. The receiving hopper, with a capacity of 1.6 cu. yd. (1.2 cu. m), is equipped with a split flighting hydraulic 12 in. (305 mm) diameter auger that carries concrete from both sides to the center and onto the transfer conveyor.




Grade sensoring with GOMACO's rolling grade ski is standard for the 9000. The versatile grade ski includes two rubber-tired casters which follow the existing grade or surface. The grade ski uses a standard sensor wand.




Ease in loading the trimmerhead or receiving hopper onto a trailer for transport or positioning either of these when mounting on the 9000 is achieved with the optional hydraulic pick-up arms at the front of the frame. The pick-up arms can lift the standard trimmerheads to a maximum height of 5 ft. 8 in. (1.73 m).










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