4400 Barrier Paver Applications


High-production variable barrier was achieved with a GOMACO RTP-500 rubber-tracked placer and 4400 barrier machine.

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Production on this project near Springdale, Arkansas, averaged 600 feet (183 m) per night. The contractor slipformed 76 to 78 inch (1930 to 1981 mm) tall wall over steel-cage reinforcing with a GOMACO 4400.




This crew slipforms new bridge parapet on a flyover for the Memphis I-40/240 interchange project. They are working 108 feet (33 m) above ground level with their GOMACO 4400 barrier paver.

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The hydraulic system design of the 4400, along with the effectiveness of load-sensed pumps, proportional solenoids, and the G+ control system, helps to optimize fuel efficiency for a minimum of 18 hours of operation per tank.




The 4400 paves a sidewalk with finishers applying a hand-broomed texture behind the machine.




A 9500 placer works in front of a 4400 barrier paver on a project in southern Russia. The project is the M4 Don Federal Highway between the cities of Rostov-on-Don and Karasnodar in southern Russia.




The 4400 slipforms a 19.7 inch (500 mm) slot drain.

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This photo shows the view from the top of the 4400 looking down on a new slot drain.




This 4400 is slipforming barrier wall on projects around the Washington, D.C., area.

Read more about this project in GOMACO World 39.2.




The 4400's U-shaped operator's platform, with vibration isolation, puts the operator comfortably on top of the action. The U-shaped platform and side-to-side sliding console accommodate right-side and left-side pour and provide a 360 degree view of the entire paving operation.




The right-side pour barrier wall is slipformed on top of a footer, right next to a new sound wall along the Capital Beltway.




The 4400 uses 3D stringless technology to slipform a barrier.




This contractor used one of their existing barrier molds on their first pour with their new 4400.




This 4400 slipforms left-side pour U-channel,500 millimeters (19.7 in) tall, below grade next to an existing roadway on the island of Mauritius.




The 4400 slipforms left-side mount barrier wall next to traffic.




GOMACO's 4400, with the auger still attached, can be driven right into a container for ease in ocean freight shipping.




A wired remote, which interfaces with the 4400's G+ control system, was designed to guide the machine into and out of the container.




This 4400 slipformed a variable barrier with 36 inches (914 mm) of variable height adjustment on each side and can reach a wall height as tall as 6.5 feet (2 m).








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